GoJump's Team

Our team consists of experienced and well-trained instructors with the same goal:

to help you have a unique and intense parachuting experience that needs to be experimented and done in a safe environment.
Our expertise and experience allow us to meet your needs regardless of your level of training. Whether you want to experience your first jump, additional training or progress in this sport, we make sure you are satisfied.

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Brian Dyas

Brian is our senior instructor/examiner and he has over 6,500 jumps. Brian is a UK gold medallist and has represented GB at the world Formation Skydiving championships. He started jumping when he was 16 and is qualified in all aspects of parachute instruction. Brian is credited with introducing AFF to the UK from America back in 1985. He is a commercial pilot, a parachute instructor examiner for the BPA and a USPA safety and training advisor. In short you will have difficulty finding anyone with a greater depth of knowledge or experience in this field.
Sabau Stefan

Sabau Stefan

ATPL Pilot with over 4000 hours, pilot instructor, acrobatics pilot, glider pilot, air traffic controller, has flown over 60 types of aircraft.
Catalin Bizerea

Catalin Bizera

Commercial pilot with over 1300 hours on different types of aircraft, flight instructor(SEP), ultra light pilot, glider pilot and 7 skydives.
Mihai Bochis

Cristian Mihai Bolchis

Skydiver with over 500 jumps, member of the Arad county skydiving team, USPA Coach, SL/IAD , Tandem Instructor, cameraman, packer.
Tavi G

Tavi Golban

Skydiver memmber of the Oradea county team, +200 jumps,  packer.


Ioana IoIo

Skydiver , +100 jumps, packer.

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