The Association "Timisoara Sport Parachute Club"
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Address: str. General Anton Bacalbasa nr.79, Timisoara, Timis
Bank: ING Bank Romania
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Terms and conditions

I take into account and accept that the use of the TSPC's facilities to participate in the activities of parachuting/skydiving, aviation or other related activities (to which we refer in the future as the activities provided for in this Agreement), I agree that:

• RISK TAKING. I know and understand the purpose, nature and extent of the risk involved in this kind of activities covered by this agreement. I understand that these risks include, but are not limited to: malfunctions of equipment and/or inability to work properly; defective design and/or negligent and/or manufacturing equipment; improper packing or/and careless use of the parachute and/or the Assembly of it; operation and improper use and/or inaccurate use of the equipment; downtime of aircraft and/or negligent operation thereof; inattention and/or training and/or negligent supervision. Voluntarily, I choose freely and expressly to support all the risks associated with the activities set out in this agreement, understanding that these risks may include personal injury, material damage, and/or death.
• THE RELIEF AND RELEASE FROM LIABILITY. Release of liability and exempted the following individuals, corporations and organizations: TSPC and its employees, officers and members; all owners of aircraft, and pilots with which the Club has flight services contract; Charlie Bravo Aero Club as well as all the officers, agents, employees, representatives, officers and each person's debt, corporations and organizations; (which we collectively call "Assignees"), from any and all liability, claims or actions or any causes of action arising from any damages, losses or injuries on my or my property or my death, while you are at the Office, or on board an aircraft or by participating in any of the activities set forth in this agreement, whether the result of negligence and/or other mistakes either active or passive, in all kinds of Assignees or from any other cause.
• AGREE NOT TO SUE. I agree not to initiate any process or any legal action against any of the assignees, or to initiate or to assist in criminal proceedings as a result of any claims or causes of action or redress that I would be able to do as a result of injuries to the person or property of my own, or even if my death was to occur as a result of the activities provided for in this agreement whether caused by negligence or other fault, whether active or passive, of any of the assignees, or from any other cause. I agree as my heirs, executors, administrators, personal representatives, and/or anyone would speak on my behalf, not to initiate any legal action or lawsuit against any of the assignees, and neither will initiate or assist in the criminal proceedings as a result of any claims or causes of action or redress initiated by me, my followers, executors, administrators, personal representatives and/or anyone else who would speak on my behalf as a result of any injury to the person or my property or even as a result of my death, arising as a result of any of the activities set forth in this agreement, whether caused by negligence or other fault, whether active or passive, of any of the assignees, or from any other cause. In consequence, so instructing my followers, executors, administrators, personal representatives and/or anyone else who would speak on my behalf. If such a lawsuit or legal action would be initiated against any of the assignees, agree that such Assignees should be given the right to recover all payments and expenses involved in the defense of such suit or legal action, including any appeal that could take place.
• COMPENSATION IN THE CASE OF THIRD-PARTY CLAIMS. I will indemnify and will consider any innocents or Assignees for any losses, claims, actions or proceedings of any kind and nature, including costs, that can be demonstrated or initiated by other people or organizations that are directly or indirectly as a result of my participation in any of the activities set forth in this Agreement, whether arising out of negligence and/or other error either active or passive resistance on the part of any Assignee or any other cause.
• THE VALIDITY OF THE DEROGATION. I understand and agree that if I or someone else who is initiating a lawsuit or legal action or any claim vis-à-vis the damage or other actions against any of the Assignees as a result of injuries on my or my property, or even as a result of my death, caused by any of the activities set forth in this agreement, this agreement can and will be used as evidence in the courtroom , and that the agreements were confirmed in court in similar conditions.
• MEMBERSHIP AND FEES. I understand and agree that by signing this agreement or booking any product from this website, I will be a member of the TSPC and I will comply with the conditions for accession. I'll pay the prescribed fees upon request or reported for this service. Such fees may be announced orally or email or by letter or memorandum or notice displayed at the Club's location, or the location of the supplier (membership fee is normally included in the price of jumping). As a member of the TSPC understand that it is my own responsibility to not make a parachute jump if there is any reason to violate the TSPC rules or if the equipment doesn't match the scope (for example: reserve packing date is exceeded, use of equipment or performing an exercise for which I have not been trained or do not have the necessary experience).)
• PARACHUTING is DONE at YOUR OWN RISK -any person who makes, is preparing for skydiving (also termed parachuting), or flying in any aircraft which is used for or in connection with parachuting or participating in any activity organized by the TSPC may do so only if you understand that they do so at their own risk and that skydiving (also known under the name of parachuting) is a sport with great risk.
• Insurance. I understand and agree that its members and TSPC are not insured and that it is in the participant’s own interest to seek and obtain personal injury insurance and 3rd party liability insurance elsewhere.

• MEDICAL ASPECTS Support and guarantee you that I have no physical and mental disability that would affect my ability to participate in skydiving (also known as parachuting). Or if you have such a disability, that was or is successfully treated so that it does not represent any risk during parachute jumping. We also support and guarantee that they are not under any medication or substance, prescribed or otherwise, that would affect my ability to participate in parachute jumping. I declare that I am in form physically and less than 55 years old. I have not nor have I suffered from any of the following conditions, which may lead to dangerous situations for me or other people during Skydiving/Parachuting. Epilepsy, seizures, severe cranial trauma, loss or increase of recurring dizziness, high voltage, neurological, cardiac or pulmonary disease, dislocated shoulder, recurring State of weakness or dislocation of any Member, previous fractures, diabetes, mental illness or drug and alcohol addiction.
• I declare that if I get in one of the above mentioned conditions, or any other illness or injury incapacity or confirmation of pregnancy, I'll not parachute jump until I obtain a medical certificate.
• EXISTING CONDITIONS -Accept and agree that:
• (i) the activity of parachuting and services may be affected by the weather which can change without warning; and
• (ii) despite a full range of maintenance and packing conditions, a parachute could open suddenly, not open at all, let alone open properly and a skydiver might suffer certain injuries; and
• (iii) there is an element of luck or chance during a jump over which the supplier has no control.

• CONTINUING OBLIGATIONS. I agree and certify that the terms and conditions of this agreement are and will be in force now and in the future at any time in which I will participate either directly or indirectly in the activities set forth in this agreement, and will force the heirs, executors, administrators, personal representatives, and/or anyone else who I represent. This Agreement supersedes and replaces any previous agreement in favour of transferees that I signed.
• WARNING -Skydiving is inherently dangerous. Serious injuries can and do happen often which can cause all sorts of injuries damage to property or even death. Skydivers are to voluntarily read and understood this disclaimer and accept and assume the risks inherent in Skydiving/Parachuting.
• CERTIFICATION. I hereby certify that I have read all the foregoing and fully understand the terms and conditions set out herein and I agree to abide by these terms and conditions.
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